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Christ Statue, etc.


This 5-hr-tour takes you to the Corcovado mountain-top at the height of 710m a.s.l., partially by means of a cog-and-rack train imported from the Swiss Alps, and an elevator, followed by a set of escalators, where we see Rio's famous landmark, erected to commemorate the centenary of Brazil's independence from the Portuguese crown. From here the 360º view of Rio is priceless. Then we proceed by car or van (busses not allowed) through the Tijuca jungle, and then along some of Rio's famous beaches.

It 's possible to take a short helicopter flight (not included) from a mountaintop near the Corcovado. 

Or we could hike on paths through the world's largest urban jungle.

As you 're paying by the hour, this tour can also be extended, f. ex. by a 'churrasco'  lunch at one of Rio's famous BBQ-restaurants. 

You are always welcome to ask for suggestions.

Please note: 

 The mayor of Rio recently determined that purchases for tickets for the Corcovado train (Christ statue) and/or the Sugar loaf cable-car be made on-line in advance, so as to avoid huge line-ups, which had disturbed local residents. It may appear a hassle at first, but believe me, it's a pleasure to be able to avoid those huge high-season (Nov.-Apr.) line-ups.

The client must make the purchases on-line, because only he/she will be allowed to pick up the tickets on site [IMPORTANT: Keep the voucher(s) and reservation code(s) in a safe place, and be sure to bring the credit-card(s) you used]
A 4-hour interval is needed, since each of the visits take around 2 ¹/2 hours, and there's still the drive to the next "hill" to consider.
On-site-purchases are EXTREMELY risky, specially in high-season, and hardly any guide/agent will take on such, nowadays.
Agents and/or guides receive a yearly quotum (which I by then surely will have exasperated), so as to avoid illegal middle-men dealings.

Go here: www.ingressocomdesconto.com/vitrine/cadastro.asp?retorna=https://www.ingressocomdesconto.com/vitrine/produtos.asp?for=8587&iframe=


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